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How can "gender blindness" enhance women's workplace performance?

Reducing attention to gender in the workplace may be a better ideology. In particular, in eliminating confidence gaps, reducing gender concerns will help women to take action and achieve better career outcomes. Many people think that "men and women are different." From the various scientific studies of neurology, physiology, and marketing, to the fact that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, they think that men and women are almost the same as the explosive books of different species. Our daily gender experience reinforces men and women. It is difficult to change the concept of gender differences .   Those differences are natural and acceptable. The concept of these gender differences shapes the behavioral perceptions of being born as human beings and towards the self and the opposite sex population. A famous sociologist once pointed out that there are fewer successful women than men, especially in India—social culture, competitive environment, and

Da Revolution: New start

Time To Change Time for a new start. Time for a change in your life & rules & regulations. Life gives you limitless until you start demanding from it. Don't restrict yourself, time will uplift you from every barrier. Now you might be confused & may be in deep thinking in your mind about the topic. What I want to say over here. What is the topic or theme of this article or discussion? It seems important & interesting but still no clue about the discussion. Gone completely blank over here. Over here I am not talking about any particular thing or topic. It is all about you. Yes!!! about you. In your life, there are many things that you want to change or leave but sometimes you say, "I can't" why so? Either you don't trust your ability or underdog your capabilities. It is a completely wrong attitude.

Da Revolution: wait for change

I am here to highlight many things which are running in our world. I want many changes ................. in our present world. Some of you, also demand such changes. But what kind of changes? There are many things in our present society, which we know, need to be changed. So who will come ahead for this? How to change the world? Who will take the first step? Is it me? No... no... no. I am not ... I think we all have to work for this and that is together. It's Da Revolution........................................................................................ so think about the changes, which need to be done in our society. THINK ABOUT IT